Sapphire Lake

Ripples in Sapphire Lake
Another stone another wake
Gazing after dawn is that your face
Is that your crown where is this place?

Sapphire draws you down
Where are you
What’s the hour
Is it you?
Sapphire Lake what do you want of me?
How do I know you?
Sapphire lake

Look into my crystal eyes
Green glints sparks and memorize
Fireworks rise through purple skies
And feel it now and touch it now

Courtyard clash cobbles and hooves
A lone horn sounds
Your carriage moves
Meriln calls out be not bemused
But feel it now and touch it now

Red carpets spread beneath your feet
Bowed heads boarder ever street
Test the mirror for deceit
And feel it now and touch it now

Touch the glass so clean and smooth
The magic blows the image moves
As waves head back towards her shores
And Sapphire’s secret veil redraws

Feel it now

Sapphire Lake
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