Heartstring Meadow

Am I dreaming?
I wish I were
No sign of you
For half a year
They all said
That you’d run
They told me
You weren’t the one
Weren’t the one

They said move on
But they don’t see
That in my heart
You still wear my ring
I don’t care
What you’ve done
Without your love
I’m so alone
So alone

They said you’d run, run, run
That’s what you’ve done
A free spirt like you
Will do what you do
And now you’ve gone
So was I wrong?
Did you ever love me?

And so I walk
In my daily daze
Down to the meadow
Where we first lay
And if I close my eyes
I still smell your hair
And when I look
Your standing there

I knew you’d come
All along
Back to my arms
Where you belong
I knew you’d come
All along
Back to my heart
Where you belong

Heartstring Meadow
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